The REHAC methodology and learning tools are presented in the REHAC Handbook, a publication freely available to all interested organisations and individuals, offering a quick reference to the principles and implementation routes of the REHAC methodology, explaining how it can be used and providing instructions and guidelines to refugee trainers and integration support staff for implementing the learning activities included in the Learning packages. The Handbook is intended for wide circulation among the professionals in the field of refugee integration, and among the education community, including links to the detailed REHAC methodology and packages which will remain published here. Selected examples of characteristic and successful learning experiences from the pilot courses implemented in all partner countries and in a variety of contexts are also included.

The REHAC Hadbook is accessible in pdf format and can easily be printed according to the users’ needs.

Please access the REHAC Handbook in English.

For versions in other languages, i.e. Greek, Italian, Slovenian, Norwegian and Swedish, please refer to the corresponding language page of the present website.