International conference

An international 2-day conference took place in Livorno, Italy, to mark the end of the project and invite Italian and international participants from stakeholder organisations to share their experiences in implementing the REHAC methodology and learning activities with refugees, learn about good practice examples and receive guidance on using of the REHAC outputs, and discuss about the potential of mainstreaming the REHAC outputs in formal and informal adult education courses offered in different European countries.

Participants also discussed the potential application of the REHAC methodology in different educational sectors or target groups (e.g. vulnerable or underrepresented groups such as Roma or ethnic minorities). The main event (88 participants) and the Round table discussion (28 participants) on 27 and 28 June 2019 were
followed by the local TV, Tele Granducato while the newspapers “Il Tirreno”, “Qui Livorno” and others published articles and information on the project and the Conference.
The feedback received through the evaluation questionnaires circulated and the discussions, demonstrate a very positive reception of the REHAC outputs, highlighting the great demand for the REHAC methodology and specific learning activities implementing it in practice.

To view the Conference Programme please click HERE.