Jamtli Foundation

Jamtli Foundation (Jamtli) is the mother organisation of a large museum located in Östersund City, three local museums in the Jämtland-Härjedalen region and the research & development organisation The Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning & Creativity (NCK). The local museums and the R&D organisation are independent legal entities but work closely with the Jamtli Foundation.

Jamtli, the regional museum of Jämtland in the north of Sweden, employs approximately 120 staff. The museum holds both permanent exhibitions focusing on regional history and temporary exhibitions focusing on relevant to the society themes and questions. In the outdoor area there are many historical buildings and several “play-and-learn”-areas for families. During the summer period, e actors in costumes offer first person interpretations of history in different time settings, ranging from the late 18th century until the 1970s. The focus of all heritage activities is lifelong learning and social inclusion. Even though Jamtli is located in a sparsely populated area of 126 000 inhabitants, we have approximately 200 000 visitors each year. Jamtli is a much appreciated museum in the region and on a national level. It has been nominated to several European prizes and was awarded “The museum of the Year” award in Sweden in 2013 for its constant commitment to social justice and learning for all ages.

Jamtli brings together its expertise in having permanent and temporary exhibitions, agriculture, livestock, and live history under three months annually. The foundation works also with archaeology, building restoration, ethnological documentation and runs courses in the region. Jamtli is also a meeting place and a springboard for economic, cultural development. Jamtli, apart from being a place for all, is active in conducting research and development schemes for its staff (i.e. the Aha project, Erasmus Plus, KA2, developing skills and competences in using culture with people with dementia, and the Sharing and Learning KA1 project under which members of staff will develop their competences in customer services.

Jamtli is a key actor in the region of Jämtland and its internationalization in lifelong learning, mobility and cultural exchanges. Recently, Jamtli received funding from EU structural funds in order to build the National Museum North, a place which will work as a platform for all the community, and especially young people entering the labour market, the ageing population, and the diverse and multi-coloured communities of Jämtland and Sweden.