The Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning and Creativity

The Nordic Centre of Heritage Learning and Creativity (NCK), established in 2005 as a partnership between Jamtli and the regional Archives in Jämtland, became a non-profit private company with 11 cultural heritage institutions in the Nordic and Baltic countries as owners in November 2012. This exact shared ownership between several cultural organisations and stakeholders secures NCK’s high quality projects, collaborations and levels of professionalism.

NCK is a Research and Development company exploring learning through cultural heritage. For NCK, cultural heritage is a valuable resource that can help to create a sustainable and inclusive society where learning is a lifelong process. NCK works with museums, archives, heritage sites and art galleries to create innovative solutions to use heritage for increased social cohesion, for regional development and for the development of different competences. NCK is engaged in research and development in relation to the use of cultural heritage in lifelong learning processes as well as policy development, and thus, has longstanding synergies with museums, universities, and archives in Europe and the Nordic/Baltic region. NCK treats cultural heritage in many different ways and addresses many different groups of people through its projects. NCK considers the learning impact of cultural experiences in the form of not only knowledge but also other competences, such as increased self-esteem, social skills, mathematical or digital competence. NCK is also engaged in research and development of local and regional tourism through heritage attraction and the contribution of heritage based tourism to regional development. Developing synergy between heritage, business and public authorities is a key issue for different research and mapping initiatives triggered by NCK.

NCK gives courses, lectures, arrange conferences and workshops on the use of heritage and lifelong learning for museums, archives, and regional authorities. At present, there are three researchers employed, all with different competences and educational backgrounds related to culture. NCK utilises art and cultural heritage as a way to comprehend the world, to develop new skills, and as a platform to discuss values and attitudes. For NCK learning through cultural heritage is a way to change society and a source of continuous inspiration and the organisation has a long experience of submitting, leading and being involved in different European projects.