For refugees:

  • To ease the transition experienced in settling in a different country and culture, and start the process of building confidence and personal growth after traumatic life-changing events.
  • To encourage activities that combine cultural experiences and education, leading to individual paths of learning and integration into the host community.
  • To enhance language skills and other non-verbal methods of communication

For trainers and support workers:

  • To become familiar with a methodology that combines art and cultural expression with language learning, work orientation and basic skills development.
  • To benefit from intercultural and peer to peer learning in order to develop their own teaching and care skills
  • To be empowered to lobby policy makers to provide guidance and educational support through innovative methods exploiting culture and hands-on experiences.

Our outcomes will be:

  • Art and cultural learning materials to aid the process of work/educational/cultural integration of refugees
  • A methodology for achieving integration results through cultural experiences and language/basic skills development
  • A training of trainers’ course on how to implement the REHAC methodology
  • A final report on the lessons learned during the project, including policy recommendations.